Sunday, February 24, 2013

NATCON 2013 President's Report

(Delivered by Dr. Randy S. Gamboa, PSITE President, during the 15th PSITE National Convention held at Crowne Regency, Cebu City, February 21, 2013)

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.

For another year as president of PSITE, I have witnessed how vibrant, dynamic and active the PSITE Board and Chapter Presidents are.

After the successful national convention in General Santos City last February 2012 and electing the new set of officers, we had conducted a strategic planning session in Manila.  In that session, we reviewed, among others where we are in attaining our vision, mission, goals and objectives.

As I have mentioned in the opening program, our vision is to be the premier national IT Professional organization transforming the academic community that enables and sustains the growth of a knowledge-driven Philippine economy.  Allow me to reiterate our mission.  We are committed in providing opportunities for the development of our members through (1) strong community and Partnership involvement with the education providers,  industry, government, non-government agencies and international counterparts (2) dynamic and responsive Education initiatives for an enhanced academic standard (3) relevant community Extension and immersion programs, and (4) aggressive building of Research Capability and effective mentoring system.  In attaining these, we will anchor on the values of professionalism, ethical, service oriented and passion for teaching and lifelong learning.

We aimed to be able to attract more partners.  EMC has extended its academic initiative to PSITE educators and institutions through availment of the EMC academic alliance (EAA) materials for free.

For our Education agenda, our goal is to have a dynamic and responsive educational initiative for enhanced academic standards.  We wanted the deans/program chairs/ faculty to be updated on educational management, curriculum design and review, computer programming techniques, accreditation, teaching strategies, K to 12 preparedness, IT certification, technopreneurship, professionalism and the latest trends in ICT.  This is why the chapters came up with faculty development sessions, conferences and seminars.  This morning there will also be a CHED-TPITE orientation of Seoul Accord Initiatives, K11 and K12 Technology and Multimedia Track, and OBE in ITE Curriculum.

The Extension agenda, we aimed to improve industry immersion.  We initially drafted the guidelines for creating an immersion program.  Last night, we signed a memorandum of understanding with IBM and soon this will be cascaded to the regional chapters.

Some chapters have also gone a long way of having already partnered with the industry as reported earlier.

And lastly, under our Research agenda, it is our desire to help PSITE members to become better undergraduate mentors and improve their capability to do research.  There were training programs conducted to achieve this and opportunities for research papers to be presented were organized.  Proceedings were also published as documentation of the research work. 

Also related to Research is the research manual that PSITE drafted which was adopted by the ChED.  Last year we distributed copies to different chapters and members.  We hope that the manual was useful and beneficial.

Lastly on Research, during the National Conference of IT Education or NCITE in 2012 held in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, aside from the research and poster presentations, a pre-conference activity on the outcome-based education or OBE was also held.  This started the information, education, communication and roll out of OBE in PSITE.  Last month, the board benchmarked with universities in Singapore on OBE best practices. 

PSITE, aside from focusing on academic and educational activities, also takes care of its members.  If you will recall the typhoon Pablo hit Mindanao.  Many of our members, institutional and individual members, were sadly affected by the effect of the typhoon.  Without any hesitation, the PSITE national and our chapters offered prayers and extended aid by sending monetary help ranging from P5,000 to P50,000.  Much as our treasurer would want to report our financial standing today, unfortunately, she will not be able to do so because she just recently suffered a mild stroke.  But she said that we are liquid with a cash in bank of more than 1,000,000 pesos.   

A lot has been accomplished, but a lot more needs to be done.  Slowly, with the dynamism of the officers and members of PSITE, we will be able to achieve what we dream of.

Again, I thank you all and most especially the present set of board, for your support and making PSITE where it is today.

Thank you and more power.

Good Morning.