Monday, November 21, 2011



Konnichiwa , 

On behalf of the participants both from the Philippines and from other countries, I would like to thank the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship or AOTS especially GM Kawakami-San, Suzuki-San and the entire AOTS community, the Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry or METI, the Information Technology Promotion Agency or IT-PA for giving us a wonderful opportunity attending this training Program on Instructors for ITSS/ITEE in Asian Countries or ENIT.

The training outline was very comprehensive.  Together, we have learned and have better understanding of ITSS, improvement in ITEE instructional methods and its future developments. Tsuru-San presented a case study that was very informative and challenging.  Our knowledge on ITSS and ITEE were broaden by the well-prepared presentations of Ogawa-San, Amino-San, Tsuru-San, Kawabata-San, Tomita-San, Tanaka-San and Ichimura-San. Our company visits in Digital Hollywood University, Legend Applications Inc, Cyber Government Square, Tokyo Denki University provided us a clearer picture of implementing ITSS and ITEE models.  We learned about the actual situation in Japan as well as have seen for ourselves the most advanced educational technology in Japan.

This training program is a very educational one.  Our problems and situations are sometimes similar and at times varied and very diverse in nature.  But we can learn from each other and help each other to overcome our problems.  From our short casual conversations with the co-participants and the host, lecturers and organizers, we already picked up some bits of information about their experiences, both successes and failures, how each understands ITSS and ITEE.

Thank you to our course coordinator, Furuya-San and our interpreters  Nozawa-San, Nakayama-San and Fujita-San who have prepared and have been running this training.  It was very well-organized and all are systematic.

And last but not the least, thank you to our co-participants from Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and also my new friends from the Philippines.  Your active participation and the information exchange that we had was indeed commendable.  We learned from each other in the session room as well as outside this room.

Not many people from foreign countries will get to visit this beautiful country of Japan, particularly here in Tokyo.  And we are very lucky to have been given this chance to appreciate the beauty of Japan.

This one visit is not enough to see everything, but it is more than enough to say that Japan is a place worth visiting.  I hope to see you again here in Japan, in the Philippines, your respective countries or in the other parts of the world. 

Thank you and good afternoon. ARIGATO GOZAIMAS.