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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PSITE Induction of Officers, AY 2011-12

(Delivered by Dr. Randy S. Gamboa, PSITE President, during the Joint PSITE National Board and Regional Presidents Strategic Planning, Systems Plus College Foundation, SPCF English Camp, Don Bonifacio Subd., Angeles City, April 28, 2011) and

induction of PSITE national officers with mayor "boking morales" of mabalacat, pampanga as our inducting officer.

Good evening once again.

First of all, I would like to thank our good mayor, Hon. Marino "Boking" P. Morales , for gracing this affair despite his hectic schedule. We are very privilege and indeed grateful, thank you mayor. Thank you also to our dear sponsors, Systems Plus Foundation College, Mabalacat Colleges, Angeles University Foundation, Holy Angel University and St. Nicholas Colleges.

I am likewise honored for being re-elected as President of PSITE National. As president for the past years, I have set the direction and thrust for every year. And the regional chapters in turn aligned their programs and activities towards these thrusts. If you remember, we have the mnemonic PReParE which means Professionalism, Research, Partnership and Education.Following that was our Peer-to-PEER which adopts the small brother-big brother concept. We address not only the concerns raised by big or matured schools but most specially the small schools. The first Peer refers to us, colleagues, peers, not only individuals but also institutions, helping one another to achieve a common goal. We know as an organization, there are more schools needing our help and we know that the bigger and more matured schools are more than willing to extend a hand. And the other mnemonic PEER means Partnership, Education , Extension and Research. When I announced these thrusts or shall I say, key result areas, at the back of my mind were the PSITE objectives which are found in our constitution and by-laws. Section 2.1 provides that “the general objective of this Society shall be the promotion of quality information technology (IT) education. The specific objective is found in Section 2.2 which states that “this Society shall serve as a venue for the optimization and development of faculty members, curricula, projects, research, resources, linkages, and assistance in policy formulation related to IT education.”

From the time that I became vice-president of PSITE up to this time that I am the president, we implemented something new, several firsts, several changes in the organization. We went away from status quo. We embarked into programs and projects which were not done before. We implemented systems and policies, and changed the mindset of the regional chapters in the formulation of the programs and activities. We even came to a point of reviewing and amending our very own constitution and by-laws. Admittedly, however, the process of change that we did was not systematic. Though we attained a high level of attainment to most of our projects, we could have done more. And many could have participated in the process.

With this in mind, I thought of having an organizational development or commonly known as OD. OD is a process of improving our organization and a systematic process of change. According to Killion and Harrison, organizational development requires a planned approach to change based on meeting the needs of both the people and the organization. What are the needs of the people and the organization? I know a few but not all. Will these be met by the organization? Is it part of the mandate of the organization to meet those needs? If so, how would these needs be met? What are the details in meeting those needs?

On a broader sense, if meeting these needs, will we attain our mission statement, the purpose of our organization? Does this define our vision or the way we want to look at the future? To all these questions, my answer for now is “I don’t know”. The main reason why I say this is that we do not have our vision and mission statements. The goals, strategies will follow after that. Then we can have our own strategic plan, say, for three years, which shall be updated every year.

Plans are important. But what is more important is the planning process, wherein you and I will be given the opportunity to be involved and be part of, today. Hence, let us grab this chance to actively participate in the process of organizational development and strategic planning.

The process will be facilitated by our very own PSITE Board member, Grace Tyler. I hope that you will all cooperate in this endeavor and make this day a great success.

So to all of you, my colleagues, my peers, let us PReParE for OD.

Good evening.