Thursday, January 13, 2011

SINGAPORE Benchmarking Trip

Singapore Benchmarking Trip
January 05-09, 2011
NUS-National University of Singapore / NANYANG Polytechnic International / ADOBE

Rationalization and Specific Objectives

The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE) is particularly interested in pursuing a “close range” understanding of the Singapore Academic Ecosystem with emphasis in institutions offering Computing courses and how they established linkage with industries both local and global. Though here in the Philippines, several undertakings have been made in establishing an ecosystem where there is an existence of a close collaboration with Industry, Academe and Government, however, seeing and touching base with real life personalities and champions in Singapore, would give us more clarity and realization how for instance Singapore has created an ecosystem where Industry, Academe, and Government collude positively, bringing out economic advantage to the country. In undertaking this visit, the PSITE delegation will observe, and engage in serious discussions with the different personalities of Singapore in the identified institutions, specifically revolving around three(3) major components:

1st The creation on a Successful Research and Development (RnD) Ecosystem. Research being a major driving force behind the leveling up of Academic institution, discussion will focus on the creation and establishment of strategies and also sustainability directions on this matter.

2nd The provision of a Critical Mass of Quality Professionals. Singapore is able to maintain an identity of being an Information Technology Hub because it has the critical mass of competent IT professionals– from programmers, to professors with aligned postgraduate degrees, highly skilled IT professionals, etc., sustaining the manpower needs of the different computing related companies.

3rd The promotion of a Culture for Technology Advocates. Technologies need much encouragement in order to be fused and accepted both in the industry and academe. To get a grasp of the different concepts and strategies in establishing advocacies to Technology, the “incubation” of their ideas, mentorship from experts, and partnership from technology champions, is within “real” in Singapore.


Through visits to Academic Institutions, NGO’s and Gov’t, IT companies and those having R & D initiatives, we hope to :

1. Observe how related initiatives evolved – history and development; and how things are currently done.

2. Ask critical questions and study pertinent documents, and,

3. Evaluate, analyze, and learn from our findings in the context of the experiences and practices of the different Computing HEI’s in the Philippines.