Friday, October 1, 2010

NCITE 2010 Posters

National Conference on Information Technology Education (NCITE 2010)October 20-23, 2010, Malay, Aklan


Geo-based Search Engine
G. Ghasemi and L. Licayan

A Prototype Context-Driven English-Cebuano Machine Translation System
H. Avergonzado and M.L. Miro

Application of Scaffolded Instruction Allowing Cloudstorming in the Conduct of Information Technology Projects
R.J. Cabauatan

Visual Exploration of Climate Variability in the Philippines Using Cluster Analysis Results and Wavelet Analysis
W. Campano and R.M. Tadlas

Visualizing Wikipedia Article Evolution with Stream Graphs
J.B. Lee and C. Alis

An Equational Model For the Harmful Algal Bloom (H.A.B.) causative organism Pyrodinium bahamense var. Compressum
D. Manansala, R. Talastasin, W. Tan, and A.R. Valdez

Enhancing the performance of sorting algorithms through cluster computing
M.Z. Imperial and R.H. Vidallo

M. Guerra, R. Castillo, P.J. Sinohin, M. var den Berg, R. Buresh

A Survey of Sungka and its Variants to Develop Tools for Education
A. Angeles, S.D. Borlongan, J.M. Francisco, and G. Juanga

Assessment of LMS Profile Using Standard Based Requirements
G.P. Genove and C. Mercado

Developing Online Guidance and Counseling System
M.F.G. Benlota, E. Jalaeian, A. Khachatoorian, T. Norouzi, and D. Marcial

A Comparative Analysis of Boyer-Moore Horspool Algorithm and Boyer-Moore Sunday Algorithm as Search Engine Algorithm
B. Dadiz, J. Niguidula, and E. Chavez

Rice Seed Recognition, Matching and Variety Classification through Shape Analysis using Fourier Descriptors
G. Gonzales and V. Mariano

Detection and Classification of Veins and Mesophyll Cells of Rice Leaves using Image Processing
M.A.A. Clarino and V. Mariano

erra: A 3D Terrain Generator and Visualizer

R.C. Aluning and J.A. Hermocilla