Saturday, October 2, 2010

NCITE 2010 Papers

National Conference on Information Technology Education (NCITE 2010)
October 20-23, 2010, Malay, Aklan


A Spatial Decision Support System for Philippine Education Planning
L.L. Lara-Figueroa and J. Caro

Ateneo Online Entrance Exam Result Viewer
J. Aureus and J. Martinez

Enrollment Forecasting for School Management System
R. Lavilles and M.J. Arcilla

J.M. Te, D. Marcial, S.M. Asbir, N.M. Jabel, R.L. de la Cruz, and K. Refugido

Automated Bias Detection Judging and Scoring System using Inverse Reinforcement (IR) Model
R. Semine and J. Tumulak

A Model for Creating 3D Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in TIP as a Flagship for Multimedia and Computer Graphics Application
E. Talla

Is the Part Greater than the Whole: A Comparison of Affective and Behavioral Models Derived from Feature Subsets
V.C. Castillo, K. Villaflor, R. Rodriguez, M.M. Rodrigo

Open Source Security Applications: A Practical Approach to a Graduate Course on Internet Security
D. Mercado

Video Streaming Management System for iTV Education Program of Tarlac Province
A.P. Parallag, H. Sedin, C.J. Espino, and A. Bacani

ICT Maturity of HEIs in Region 1 and CAR
C. Mercado, R. Villacillo, R. Domantay, S. Nisperos, and E. Pimentel

GABAY: An e-Learning Filipino Sign Language Tutorial Using Manifold Learning and Dynamic Time Warping
R.R. Gumia, K. Manansala, S.M. Rigodon, T. Basa, and P. Naval

Detecting Carelessness through Contextual Estimation of Slip Probabilities among Students Using an Intelligent Tutor for Mathematics
M.O.C. San Pedro

Towards An Analysis of Novice Programmers’ Compilation Behaviours in C++
J. Agapito

Harmonizer: Music Arrangement Algorithm Through Music String Manipulation and Notation Simulation
M.G.C. Sicat, J. Flor, and M.A. Subion

Building Web-Based Filipino Language Learning Tool for Heritage Learners
R.V. Regalado and C. Cheng

Knowledge Representation of Academic Advisor Using Predicate Calculus
M.B.J. Manghano, E. Montero, R. Tabada, and E. Mostrales

Developing a Computer-based Learning Tool for Biology
D. Lao and A.D. Dalida

Mouse Function Device for Hand Mobility Impaired Computer Users
J. Villaverde and J.L. Sarmiento

Visualizing Climate Data of Iloilo City through Cluster Analysis and Metric Multidimensional Scaling
E.R. Oquendo

Intercluster Analysis and Visualization of Epizoic Communities of Prokaryotes in Healthy and Diseased Scleractinian Corals through Modified Vector Fusion
G. Cabunducan, R.A. Juayong, J. Malinao, M. Arboleda, and W. Reichardt

A Model of Information Propagation in Social Networks
J. Rabajante and Y. Otsuka

Numerical Solutions of de St. Venant Equations with Controlled Global Boundaries Between Unsteady States
A. Mendoza, A.R. Valdez, and C. Arceo

Non Metric Multidimensional Scaling and Vector Fusion Visualization of Cell Cycle Independent Gene Expressions for Gene Function Analysis
J. Clemente and J.A. Salido
Comparative Analysis of Combinations of Dimension Reduction and Data Mining Techniques for Malware Detection
J. Yiu, P. Fernandez, and P.A. Arana

Characterizing Classes of Potential Outliers through Traffic Data Set Data Signature 2D nMDS Projection
E.R. Oquendo, J. Clemente, J. Malinao, and H. Adorna

A Genetic Algorithms Approach to Flood Disaster Management and Risk Assessment
J. Banting, A. Oales, V.P. Bongolan, C. Aquino, and F. Banting

A Coarse-to-fine Document Image Registration for an Automated Form Reader
R. Dela Cruz, E. Albacea, and V. Mariano

Information Spread Over an Internet-mediated Social Network: Phases, Speed, Width, and Effects of Promotion
A. Salvania and J. Pabico

Formulation of an Information Security Audit Process Model Applicable to Educational Institutions
M.O. Billones

Hybrid Encryption Algorithm Implementation on Electronic Mail Systemas
Real – Time Target Recognition and Servo Tracking System Using Fuzzy Logic
C. Calinawan and L. Cuizon

C.J. Aliac, R. Lauron, and E. Maravill
Inverse Kinematics Pseudo-Learning on Voice-Automated Dynamic Biped RobotGait Sequencing
C.J. Aliac, E. Maravillas, and L. Ranario

Power Network Operational Boundaries and Weak Lines Identification – Complex Network Theory Approach
R. Dosano, H. Song, A. Balontong, R. Subong, L. Carmelo, and G.G. Dalisay