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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Joint PSITE National Board and Regional Presidents Planning Session

rsgamboa, Dr. Jaime DL Caro of UP-DCS, Hon. Sec. Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua of CICT

(Delivered by Dr. Randy S. Gamboa, PSITE President, during the PSITE Planning, UP-Hotel, Diliman Quezon City, April 28, 2010)

Good afternoon once again.

First of all, let me say that I am deeply honored and humbled for having been reelected as President. It carries with it again huge responsibility, and a bigger one, if I may say. I hope that I will be able to meet your expectations.

Now that we’re PReParEd … Let’g go Peer-to- PEER.

In my acceptance speech last year, my tagline was “Let’s PReParE.“ It indicates our thrust for last year. This means Professionalism, Research, Partnership and Education. In the President’s time during the PSITE National Convention in Bohol, I reported the encouraging accomplishments of all those assigned to the programs and projects that we planned and their status. And I am proud to say that almost all were successfully carried out. This is because of the leadership of the project leaders assigned and the active cooperation of its members and the PSITE membership as a whole.

For the Professionalism thrust, our plan to revisit and revise our Constitution and By Laws was completed. During our general assembly, one of the highlights was the ratification of our Constitution and By-Laws. Thank you most especially to Sir Farley Abrigo, who worked on this and provided documentation. Thank you to all who in their own way gave inputs, participated in the deliberation and those who were instrumental to the ratification.

Under this thrust also, we revived our website with a new url( and a new face. We also made our new logo, customized to depict our coverage. For this, I thank Sir Edwin Gonzales. I have not reported this during convention and I do not want to end this day without thanking him.

A very noble act by PSITE last year was the donation of more than sixty thousand pesos (P60,000.00) for the victims of Ondoy in regions 1, 2, 3, 4, CAR and NCR. This is the first time that PSITE extended this kind of help to its members.

For the Research agenda, our project of coming up with a framework for practicum was finally finished. We just need to manualize it and it is ready to be adopted. Thank you for the effort of mam Cherry Lyn Sta. Romana.

For the Parnership thrust, we partner with Sun Microsystems for the OpenJive Challenge and actively participated in the Y4IT. We also signed a MOA with Devcon, which I will discuss in more detail later.

Our intended focus when we had the Education agenda aside from educating and capacitating our members was participating in educating the voters. In other words, it was envisioned to be educating the voters. However, when we talked to those in authority, we were informed that we need to tie up with an accredited HR group. Considering its complexity and sensitivity, we opted to shelve the project.

Alongside with all these accomplishments, we successfully held the NCITE 2009 in Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City and 12th PSITE national convention in Bohol Plaza Hotel, Tagbilaran City. Thanks to Sir Edwin MaraƄon and Sir Gregg Gabsion, the conference and convention chairs respectively.

The teamwork and enthusiasm that we showed last year is an indication that we are prepared, that we can move forward.

Now that we’re PReParEd … Let’g go Peer-to- PEER.

Why am I saying Peer-to- PEER? The thrust for this year is anchored on a peer-to-peer principle. It is like a big brother – small brother concept. We will not only address the concerns raised by big or matured schools but most specially the small schools. The first Peer refers to us, colleagues, peers, not only individuals but also institutions, helping one another to achieve a common goal. As an organization, there are more schools needing our help and I know that the bigger and more matured schools are more than willing to extend a hand.

Like the PReParE agenda, the second PEER is a mnemonic. It stands for Partnership, Education, Extension and Research.

Partnership. As we all know, we can do more if we partner with organizations, individuals and other sectors. I am assigning this Partnership agenda to Sir Greg, being the VP for External. Let us target at least 5 memoranda of agreement for the year 2010-2011. Also, let us target that we will be able to ink an international agreement by the end of the year.

The first E is for Education. For this term, we will focus on curriculum. Curriculum is the core of education. One of the more important aspects of curriculum that we need to work on is to clearly clarify the difference between CS, IT and IS and other curriculum related matters. We can note every time we hold conventions, conferences even meetings the issue on the differentiation of these three computing curricula arises. And most often than not, the answer is that it is based on the ACM Computing Curricula. However, the ACM report adopts a different setting, different place, culture and approach. To further clarify and thresh out all issues and concerns, I was envisioning that we will come up with a similar report using Philippine setting and we will call it the Philippine Computing Curricula. I know that this is an ambitious project. It may not be finished in our term. But I am very confident that we can do it. And we can start with coming up with a computing curricula framework, just like what we did in the research framework.

Still on Education, it is not only in curriculum that we should have a project on but also in instruction. Curriculum and instruction should go hand in hand. We will continue the training of information course design and teaching strategies. Others might find it very trivial to have these kinds of trainings but a greater number of schools need these trainings. And this is the essence of peer-to-peer, taking cognizance of the concerns of our peers, may they be big or small, young or old.

And this education agenda is assigned to mam Cherry Lyn.

The second E stands for Extension and Linkages. There are already models made by TC-GAIL or the Technical Committee on Government-Academe-Industry Linkage. The initiatives of TC-GAIL are noble and definitely helpful. But it seems that this was not continued and activated for some reason. Hence, I was thinking of continuing the initiative done by TC-GAIL. During our convention in Dipolog, it was suggested that the schools can actually make their own linkage program. However, these schools prefer to have a guide or a model to start the program. PSITE could come up with a manual, patterned to the TC-GAIL model, for the schools to serve as a guide.

We need also to prepare a practicum handbook. In Region XI, during my time as president for the region, we have already prepared one and we could check if this can be applied nationwide or needs to be revised. This extension and linkages agenda is assigned to Sir Edwin M.

Both the Education and Extension agenda would be more productive if it will go hand in hand with Partnership. The Partnership group might want to focus more on assisting both the Education and Extension agenda group in terms of looking for partners for technical assistance and funding. Considering the big projects at hand, I am therefore urging them to work as partner in this respect.

R is for Research. We will continue our project of coming up with a research manual. We already completed the framework last year and this was presented during the convention in Bohol. The next step is to manualize it and present the draft during the NCITE 2010. The final form will be presented during the national convention next year. This will be assigned to sir Allan.

Now that we’re PReParEd … Let’g go Peer-to- PEER.

As you can see, the Peer-to- PEER agenda addresses our triad function of Research, Curriculum and Instruction, Extension and Linkages. During my time as convention chair in Dipolog City, the sessions were more on best practices on these areas. Last year, the focus was on research. This time it will be more focused on curriculum and extension. Therefore, what I am saying is that the agenda was planned in such a manner that we continue to be aligned to our triad function. We are hoping that our organization could contribute to the achievement of our triad function in whatever way it can.

At this point, let me bring you to a provision in our constitution and by-laws, there are standing committees that need to be created. Therefore, I am appointing the following as committee chairpersons:
1. Membership Committee – Mam Grace Tyler
2. Elections Committee – Sir Farley Abrigo
3. Publications – Sir Edwin Gonzales

We still have other projects before that are needed to be pursued and it is worth pursuing. These are the PhilJive Cup or Java Cup and the JEDI program assessment. Let’s include these in our activities.

Also, last December 3, 2009, we signed a memorandum of agreement with DEVCON. With the goal of increasing the quality and quantity of the supply of software development engineering talent for the Philippines, Developers Connect (DEVCON) and PSITE agreed to cooperate in conducting nationwide DEVCON activities within the constituents covered by PSITE and its local affiliations. DEVCON will provide a content kit, coordinate speakers for the events, provide training to local DEVCON, partner with PSITE and its local affiliates to market the events. PSITE, on the other hand, will provide venue for DEVCON activities, provide staffing and volunteers to man the activities, provide attendees to the DEVCON events and partner with DEVCON to market the events. Both will jointly solicit and provide appropriate funding sources based on mutually developed budgets.

I am therefore encouraging all regional chapters to put in your agenda and calendar of activities at least one DEVCON project and please coordinate with Ms. Diane Suico (

Lastly, for the Peer-to- PEER agenda to materialize, I am proposing that a budget of P50,000.00 be allotted for each agenda group. This will help them mobilize and move towards completing their activities.

I am very confident that we can be an organization not just for the sake of being an organization, but one that can contribute to furthering quality of IT education in the country.

Now that we’re PReParEd … Let’g go Peer-to-PEER.

Good afternoon.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The subsystem ePahibalo will equip the solution on the announcements be delivered to each member detailed, organized and of course, vandalized-free articles. It will be control, only, by the Head of each Organization. In this concept, there will be no more unnecessary things (writings and others) which is unpleasant to the eyes for the thought that it is exclusively manipulated by the conductors of the Organization. ePahibalo will cater all the updates and upcoming events that all the organization that the each department at USEP has, exclusively. This will give all the organization to have their announcements easily scattered to their members by just posting it in the site. Less effort in posting all updates in a sheet or more sheets of paper and in the end others will not be able to read it because students may tear it or put some vandals on it.

UNIISYS eSkedyul

eSkedyul functions as schedule organizer system for the use of the college faculty professors and staff. It can also be viewed by the students and ask for an appointment by leaving notes and comments. Its interface will follow the scheme of the parent system but its database will be separate yet same kind.


The subsystem ehatag is a combination of file sharing and a little bit of social networking. It will enable the students of the University of Southeastern Philippines to upload and download files and to also share these files with their friends and other users. eHatag will allow the users to upload important files such as lectures notes, resource materials, reference books, even videos with a limited file size and file format. This will help the students in their studies and through the file sharing capabilities of the system the students will have a better chance of securing better grades since the available resource materials in their subjects could be downloaded through this system. Past exams and solutions could also be posted for the convenience of the students.


eSkular is a web-based subsystem designed to benefit the Office of Student Services, scholar student in the University of Southeastern Philippines and their respective benefactors. eSkular is developed to be of use to the its target audiences as it allows them to communicate, store and exchange important data needed in the scholarship renewal process in a rather convenient way .


eTudlo is a web-based subsystem specifically designed for students who would want to offer tutorials to anyone that is willing to learn on particular subjects that he/she finds difficult. These students are ought to be merely from University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP). eTudlo is mainly an online posting of subjects and schedules from service providers.


eDikit is a web based subsystem in which students in the university have the right to express their own reflection to any subject matter. Unfortunately, not all of these can be accommodated, entertained, published and be known to everyone. There is limitation for the expression of oneself. Only those who are on the frontline have the chance to speak and write up what is on their mind.


eBenta is a web-based application that provides a bidding service to USeP family. This subsystem allows some appealing features like posting text document, adding photos, creating which makes it more attractive to the buyer. With such, the buy-and-sell service is truly defined.


Alumnay is created with the aim of helping the graduates of the university in communicating with their fellow alumni and also with the University itself. It is also a subsystem that caters the services of the office of the Alumni of the University of Southeastern Philippines. Alumnay will serve as social tool for the alumni to meet old friends and classmates. It aims to update alumni about the school activities to help job seekers in finding jobs, to trace alumni of the university around that globe and to have an online yearbook that can be browsed wherever they are.