Sunday, July 19, 2009


Inspirational Message to PSITE-NCR during their Induction of Officers ..

First of all, I would like to congratulate the new set of officers. You are the very people who will carry on the thrust of PSITE to your regional chapter.

I am glad to have been invited to speak before you today. The 28th president of the United States Woodrow Wilson once said “I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow”. When I was elected as president, not of the United States, but of PSITE national in February of this year, I was the incumbent VP-mindanao and former president of PSITE Region XI. And my brains were for PSITE Region XI. I didn’t see it coming that I will be elected as such with a big responsibility on my shoulders. Given the short period of time, I thought I cannot reinvent the wheel and start all over again for PSITE. Then I asked myself,”what direction would I want the PSITE National and the PSITE chapters to follow?” I first reviewed the reason for the existence of PSITE in the country and then reviewed the constitution and by-laws. After which, I went over the best practices of some of my organizations and those of the PSITE regional chapters. This is where PSITE NCR played a very important role in the direction of PSITE National. For those of you who do not know yet, the trust of PSITE is coined as PReParE. By the word PReParE, I do not only mean getting ready for something. PReParE is P-Re-Par-E.

P stands for Professionalism. By professionalism we mean three things. First, maintaining composure and decorum. It is good to have order in everything we do. Second, proper documentation. Our term is not forever. Therefore, for the present and future board and officers, this will serve as their guide. Our activities will now be project-based that will be taken care of by project leaders following your steps. The activities of the projects will be posted in our e-groups so that everybody will get updated. For Professionalism thrust, we entrusted the project to VP-Internal, Sir Farley Abrigo, especially on the review of our Constitution and by Laws. Third, is dedication to responsibility and duty. This need not be said because this is expected of each and every officer. I noticed that PSITE NCR officers and members have the professionalism that we expect from all PSITE regional chapters, including PSITE National. Your sense of professionalism is worth emulating.

Re stands for Research. Since we are educators, we would want to stress research in our agenda. This is one of the key result areas by the past administration and we would like to give it more focus. We got the brains of PSITE-NCR on how we should approach research this time. And this is using a developmental approach to research. In fact, this NCITE 2009, the organizing committee is inviting your chapter to share your experiences and hopefully a common approach can be reached in building research capability in the regions. We hope to organize island research presentations which will be supervised by the Island VP’s sometime next year and hopefully the output will be published in the next edition of Philippine IT Journal.

Par stands for Partnership. PSITE cannot stand alone. We have been partnering with others organizations, come up with a MOA, which may be local or national in scope. We are looking forward to the leadership of our VP-External Sir Bart Tanguilig, to identify possible partners and draft terms of references. I am thankful to your President for elevating some of your linkages to the national.

We can come up with a partnership to educate others. This leads us to the last E in the word PReParE. E stands for the very purpose of our organization, which is education. Aside from educating and capacitating our members, I was thinking of participating in educating voters. Automated election is in the air now and I think we can take part in this.

So PReParE means Professionalism, Research, Partnership and Education. And some strategies that I usually cite in my talks are from PSITE NCR. Because of this, the other chapters look at you as their model chapter. We gave the direction and it is up to the chapters to align their thrust to this National framework.

Last week, I attended the strategic planning of PSITE Region XI. And I am glad to say that their activities are in line with the framework set by PSITE National. They might consult with you anytime too. I urge you to share some or your brains to them also for the betterment of PSITE, its members and for the good of IT education in the country.

I have high hopes that PSITE NCR will continue to excel in our PReParE agenda. You did a good job before, and I know you will do better. With your set of officers, headed by Sir John, you can do it.

So let us be one in achieving our goal to further IT education and empowering others. As Bill Gates said “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others”. So let’s all start PReParE -ing ourselves, educate and empower others. Let us give our best in everything we do.

Once again congratulations to the new set of officers. More power to you and your members. Good morning.