Monday, July 20, 2009


The OPEN JIVE challenge this year is to introduce and encourage the use of Open Source technologies in today’s massively connected Participation Age economy and we are happy that the challenge was extended to the Philippines. This year’s objective of the challenge is to drive students’ passion and enthusiasm for innovation through the use of Open Source technologies such as Java Technology, JavaFX, NetBeans IDE, OpenSolaris, MySQL, GlassFish, Project Wonderland, Zembly and many others to develop cutting-edge applications for desktop, web or mobile, that will address key issues that organizations/countries face today, while fostering interactivity between communities on the Internet.

There were 11 participating teams from all over the country and I would like to thank Sun Microsystems for making PSITE as their local implementing partner in this Open Jive Regional Challenge 2009. The particpants did learn a lot while doing their projects and learn from the other competetitors too.


How unprofessional. CIT did won. If you can't take it, JUST don't blog.

If there's no winner, how come there's a team representing Philippines? And how come they're preparing their passports? How would you explain that?

one step ahead is also considered as a winner. you should be proud that we have a representative coming from our country. =P

Wow they will represent the country... Good luck to you all.. Basically they are the winners of the event, I salute you guys.

So its extended to give time to others to further develop their applications, good luck to all specially TIP's java community!

CIT did won the contest. In fact, the $1,000 cash prize, trophy, and the voucher for java programmer certification were given to them. Ive seen a picture (CIT team)awarded by the judges. So, basically, they are the winner of that contest and that we should be proud of them. They beat 10 other teams, isn't that something? I have faith at CIT's team, i know they can beat also international guys! I believe in them ...


oops i was here yesterday. bakit na wala yung statement saying "there was no winner"?

@Bart...anong mangyayari sa ibang awards na nandun? Nagpa challenge pa sila...after 3 months what will happen...andudun pa rin ang CIT to compete with the other teams? Para sa anong purpose...Sana naman panindigan ng Sun Micro. na sabay2x ibibigay ang list of winners and other awards after 3 months.