Monday, June 15, 2009

Greetings from PSITE !!!!

Greetings from PSITE !!!! Greetings from Davao City...

Welcome to a new academic year, 2009-2010, a year that is full of challenges ahead.

First of all let me again thank you for your all out support for PSITE. And I would like to inform you all of the developments in the PSITE National.

Let me start with the hosting of PSITE-IX and Dipolog Medical Center of the 11th PSITE National Convention held at Dipolog City. The convention was indeed a great success. Thanks to all those who, in one way or the other, helped in its success. Based on the feedback questionnaire gathered towards the end of the convention, it was noted to be the BEST PSITE national convention. Kudos to the host and organizers.

The election of new board members was held during that time, and eventually the election of PSITE National Officers. Below is the set of officers for 2009-2010:
President : Dr. Randy S. Gamboa (University of Southeastern Philippines)
VP-Internal : Farley L. Abrigo (M.S. Enverga University Foundation)
VP-External: Bartolome T. Tanguilig (Technological Institute of the Philippines)
VP-Luzon : Reynald Jay F. Hidalgo (Colegio de Dagupan)
VP-Visayas : Dr. Gregg Victor D. Gabison (University of San Jose Recoletos)
VP-Mindanao : Edwin Maranon (Ateneo de Davao University)
Secretary : Grace F. Tyler (Systems Plus College Foundation)
Treasurer: Dr. Elizabeth Ramos (St. Paul University Manila)
Auditor : Cherry Lyn C. Sta Romana (Cebu Institute of Technology)

Board Members
Dr. Jaime Caro (UP Diliman)
Fe Ferriols (Beacon Frontline Solution Inc.)
Ruby Rose Barrientos (Assumption College)
Edwin Gonzales (St Mary's University)
Anthony Harvey Dalmacio (Dipolog Medical Center)
Rose Alday (Lyceum of Philippines University)
The induction of the national officers was held on March 30, 2009 at the UP-Hotel, Diliman, Quezon City. Afterwhich, the board had a strategic planning workshop to plan out the activities for the year. This is a joint strategic planning of the PSITE National Board and regional chapter presidents. The thrust and framework for 2009-2010 is dubbed as PReParE. We are encouraging all regional chapters to align their activities alongside with this thrust.

The acronym PReParE means:

P for Professionalism. By professionalism it means three things. First, maintaining composure and decorum. It is good to have order in everything we do. Second is proper documentation. Proper documentation will serve as guide for the present and future board and officers, as well as all members. Third, is dedication to duty and responsibility . VP-Internal, Sir Farley L. Abrigo is now reviewing the constitution and by-laws of PSITE and see what may be improved towards this end. During the last national convention, there were proposals that were presented to the body and some were relayed to me during casual talks. Among those were:

1) the location of the principal office;
2) the institutional membership to include TESDA recognized IT institutions
and Basic education;
3) definition and expansion of institutional, individual and honorary members;
4) inclusion of the rights and responsibilities of corporate members;
5) criteria of members considered in good standing;
6) details on annual meetings ;
7) revision on the term of office and composition of officers;
8) corporate membership dues; and
9) others

Expect that initial discussions will be made through emails. This will serve as input for the national convention.

A new and updated PSITE webpage will be up and running soon … thanks to Sir Edwin Gonzales. Expect also a new logo for PSITE ..

Re stands for Research. Since we are educators, we would want to stress research in the agenda. This is one of the key result areas by the past administration and we would like to give it more focus and have a developmental approach to it. There is a recognition on the need to learn from the PSITE-NCR's experience on their developmental approach in building research capabilities among ITE faculty in the chapter level as well the need to come up with a common framework in thesis/project advising and learn from best practices.

As suggested, during NCITE’09, there will be parallel sessions for both topics. A plenary format for “Thesis/project Advising” track in the afternoon of October 21, 2009 and the “PSITE-NCR Research capability Building Experience” track in the evening of October 22, 2009.

First JEDI champion, Ms. Cherry Lyn C. Sta. Romana is the project lead for research.

Par stands for Partnership. PSITE cannot stand alone. We have been partnering with others organizations, come up with a MOA, which may be local or national in scope. This will be under the leadership of Sir Bart Tanguilig, VP-External. We can come up with a partnership to educate others. This leads us to the last E in the word PReParE.

E stands for the very purpose of our organization, which is education. Aside from educating and capacitating our members, we are thinking of educating the voters. Automated election is in the air now and we think we can take part in this. This will be under the leadership of Sir Reginald Jay F. Hidalgo, VP-Luzon.

Our NCITE 2009 provides a venue to present innovative ideas, approaches, developments and results of research projects in the areas of Information Technology and Technology-based Education. The conference also promotes the exchange of information between researchers, faculty, administrators, and I.T. practitioners. Let me remind you that the NCITE’09 will be held on October 21-23, 2009 at Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City. Invitation and other conference details were earlier sent thru email by the conference chair, Sir Edwin V. Maranon, PSITE VP-Mindanao. Ms. Christine Redondo-Sevilla is the local organizing chair. Letter of request for CHED endorsement was already received by the CHED central office and hopefully late this month or early next month, we will have the CHED memo.

This early, we would like to announce that the next PSITE National Convention will be held in Tagbilaran City, Bohol on February 25-27, 2010 with Sir Gregg Victor D. Gabison, VP-Visayas as the convention chair and Ms Amie Caballo, Dean, Holy Name University and Chapter Secretary of Region 7 as local organizing Chair.

I am encouraging all chapters to inform us of your activities from time to time. We are pretty sure that we will learn from each other. And rest assured that the PSITE National Board will assist the chapters and do its share for the success of these activities.

Let us all PReParE and work together for the benefit of our members, IT educators and the IT society as a whole.