Tuesday, March 3, 2009


SunMicrosystems awarded me the JEDI champion for my contribution to the vision of Java Education and Development Initiative. My contribution to the projects was most challenging importance in its mission to link java technology to the academe and to the educators of the world.

The award was presented by Cynthia Mamon- President and Managing Director of Sunmicrosystems, Phils., Inc and Naveen Asrani, Senior Manager, Global Developer Outreach and Programs of Sunmicrosystems international at Dakak Beach Park Hotel and Resort, Dapitan city, February 27, 2009.


Sir, congrats! You deserve it. We're proud of you. ^___^

wow sir! u seem to have many awards already, panghatg pd.....

well sir, kip up being an outstanding advocate to almost all events concerning technology.

Godbless.... Looking forward to hear your comments on us! (Research.... hala Monday na..)