Saturday, August 9, 2008

My studz reaction : INTERNET Connection ...

Internet Connection: Sooooo Slowwww

In my four (and still counting) years spent in this university, I noticed that some things haven't changed a bit. The problems that I encountered from the first time I used the “nodal” facilities until now, still exists.

If I am to be a consultant for the university, I would first address all the problems at hand, so that I could give an attention for looking its supposed solutions.

Upon using the computers, the first thing one would notice is that the Internet Connection is so slow. True, that they have just increased the bandwidth allocation so as to make the connection faster than before, but in reality, as Kate would describe it, the Internet connection is still turtle paced. The supposed improvements still can't b felt. As a colleague would describe it, imagine that the present bandwidth allocation is divided into six panels, with the increased bandwidth allocation, lets say that another 2 panels have been added. Yet, when the connection is used only two panels are used up(for unknown reasons). In other words, the only a portion of the connection was used up.

Second, is the faulty and old aged hardware. I think that the problem discussed above was a result from faulty hardware. Because of the faulty hardware, computer processes and the Internet connection are affected. Computer processing abilities are very slow.

Third, a vast number and kinds of viruses exists in the computers in the lab, mind you there are virus scanners installed in each computer, but sadly its not updated which leads to making the computer vulnerable to viruses. Viruses affect computer performance thus affecting internet connection.


If on a strict budget:
Just be sure to update all the virus scanners and orient the students how to use it well. As for the Internet connection, we can use FOSS Internet speed boosters that can accelerate internet speed connection

If there is a proper budget:
Purchase new computers with higher processing and memory. Like a duo core computer. Having such computers can result to faster computer reaction. Also like in the solution above, we ca use internet boosters to optimize our internet connection. Internet Accelerator works to decrease page load times and optimize your Internet connection. It improves various configuration settings that directly affect your network and Internet connection speed. (H. Hernandex)