Saturday, August 9, 2008

HELP Wanted: Additional IC Blue Guards

another great article of one of my students .. Regina E. Abadilla


Internet service in school is said to be one of the controversial issues to deal with. In fact, most of the students’ internet account wasn’t utilized well. It was like make the longest line game whenever I’m in the second floor of the USeP’s Engineering building, and if you’re a newcomer, you would ever wonder what’s behind that line. Anyway that became a usual thing already to most of the IC students.

Slow connection is the worst factor! I guess that’s one thing why most of the ICeans tend to netsurf outside the school rather than wasting their time in Nodal. And definitely, that’s the reason why there so many CS and IT students restricted in Nodal.

Changing IP configuration and bypassing the system Logger is a sin!

Yet no one knows that is against the rule! Yeah, I admit it’s unethical yet do you think all these lapses were just on the students’ side? Is it there mistakes when the security is not that tight enough and the system has overlooked functionality against hackers? Anyway, I didn’t tolerate there doings however, I guess that controversy mustn’t solely be the students wrong coz admit it or not, there are vulnerabilities that are to be the management’s concern.

In a nutshell, not just the students must learn from this issue indeed, the Nodal Management as well.

Let me share with you guyz what I have learned in our SE subject. “Users are good testers to discover system faults” this is one way for us to be more innovative. In addition, we IT people must adopt the “egoless” attitude. If there are faults and misleading, it was just the part of the system, not on the developers own. Blaming system failure to a certain group is unethical in technical aspects. Hope we both learn from this mistake…(R. Abadilla)