Saturday, July 5, 2008

More on Green Campus Computing ..

Before I give suggestions on how to implement “green campus computing” in my school (USEP), I would first like to define what it means. Enable to do this, I will break the phrase ‘green campus computing’ into two: “green” and “campus computing”.According to wikipedia, computing is defined as ‘the activity of developing and using computer technology, including computer hardware and software.’ ( Therefore, Campus Computing can be defined as the use or the development of computer technology within the bounds of the university. In the area of campus computing, Kenneth C. Green, is a prominent if not the leading authority in the subject. He is the founder of The Campus Computing Project. You could visit their website, Although their study was first based on American universities, they are now extending to other countries. In a general view their Campus Computing Survey is an annual study or report on the use or misuse and the state of computing technology in the surveyed campuses. “Green”, on the other hand, connotes environmental awareness or having a positive effect on the environment. Hence, ‘Green Campus Computing’ would roughly mean the positive effect of the use of computer technology in campuses on the environment. One study of the effects of computing technology on the environment can be found in this link:
2006_000.pdf. This is a case study by the University of Guelph on the impact of Computing Technology on their campus.Now, knowing what Green Campus Computing means, we could now suggest ways on how to implement this concept in USEP. The University of Colorado produced a guide on how to apply Green Computing in their university. It could be found in this link: For the University of Southeastern Philippines to be known as a university that applies the concepts of Green Campus Computing it should apply them from the beginning ( defined in the case study in the University of Guelph as the cradle phase) until the end (defined as End of Use) of using computing technologies. When I say beginning , I mean upon or before the purchase of computing technologies and the End meaning when the said technologies are no longer usable even to the event of their disposal. Beginning – upon buying computing technologies, the USEP should go for technologies that have power saving devices or devices that have a positive effect or at least a lesser harmful effect on the environment. (ex. Green screen TV, LCD flat panel displays, etc) During Use (Operational Use)– this is defined as the time wherein the technology is functional. There are a lot of ways to help the environment during this period and some of them are listed or mentioned in the University of Colorado’s Green Computing Guide some of these are:1. Switching all appliances off whenever they are not in use. If for some reason a computer can’t be turned off then at the least the monitor should be turned off. This also goes with the printers, never turn on the printer unless it would be used. 2. DO NOT USE screen savers. Screen savers do not save energy. 3. When printing use a small font size if possible to conserve more ink. 4. Recycle all used paper. If only one side of the paper has print, the paper can be used as scratch paper. 5. The USEP should also allot a portion of their budget on buying good protection (Anti-virus Softwares and the like) for their computers. A lot of hardware is destroyed in the laboratories due to weak or unprotected computers including those of the students. End – a lot of unused computer monitors can be seen inside the laboratory (LAB1). If those monitors are unusable due to some reason or another, then the university should find a way to dispose of them properly. That way should be friendly to the environment. I also saw a lot of floppy disks that were just thrown away. These disks could still be used if they are formatted. - JMijares

Good day to everyone. Green Campus Computing is a research in how the Information Technology(IT) helps the student and the school campuses in the field of academic and saving energy. IT or computers can help the student in their academics, like for example in searching for their projects, they can easily get information’s from the internet particularly in the search engines. By using the computers in the campuses, we must also think that we are using an energy. We must consider this tips to conserve energy while we are using the computers, first we must not turn on our computers if we are not using it, second we must not turn on the printers if we are not printing a documents. If you have some other works to do and your research in the internet is not done yet, do not use screensaver if you are leaving the computer because the screensaver is using 28% more energy, but instead set it to the sleep mode to conserve more energy. We are talking about here the IT facilities in our campuses, like computers, printers, etc. The administration of the school must give policies in conserving energy in using the IT facilities to tell the student that they must save energy for the future generations. - HLovitos

As I first read the assignment I was shocked because I know that our school needs this kind of project and I am happy that I have given a chance to suggests ways for my school to adopt it. Base on my observation our computer laboratory consists of so many desktop computer but unfortunately these computers has some deffects I have read that their are computer stores that buys old models of desktop computers and some parts of it for them to resale it. The school can sell the computers that has deffects to these stores to gain a little money out of trash. We all know that we cannot just throw away these old computer to the trashcan beacause it has a lead content that can harm us. The school can also use these old models of computers or has deffects for IT students to know some hardware parts for actual and practical purposes. For the new computers and those who still in good condition the school can save electrical consumption by teaching and giving orientations to students on how to save energy in the laboratory. Building a forum and organization of green campus computing is a way for the school to give lectures to students and gives a harmony between the environment and our campus. -TTangian