Thursday, June 12, 2008

USEP-IC goes Blogging !!!!

In response to the vision of the university as a premier university in the ASEAN region and defying conventional wisdom, the students of the institute of computing will allow things to be done that never been done before in the university. The institute will take part in the ‘Global Community” by way of setting up blog to capture worldwide audience.

Third and fourth year students will soon be a blogger at the Institute. Blogs are the latest trend in technology and it started as online journals and to date it has evolved much more. Blogs are normally free websites where the students can readily post, edit and update their personal entries and carries messaging capabilities were one can post comments on the site.

Blogs are powerful tool in the classroom and defy conventional way of teaching methods where students are motivated to write and communicate online members. Blogs are highly collaborative writing space where it invites commentary from fellow classmates and professors and are managed, configured and owned by the students themselves.

Blogging is an integral part of my course requirement and they are introduced at the beginning of the semester by way of conducting seminar-workshop on blogging. One of the requirements in my three subjects (Research Methods, MIS, HRM) is for my students to have their own personal blog where they are required to document their work by blogging regularly. They are to investigate topics online and respond to critical analyses of one’s own work and talk about experiences by way of providing some comments and suggestion for every topic. Online assignment and exercise are given regularly. They are required to read and comment each others’ work. KEEP on BLOGGING .....


ICean rocks sir....

maskig endangered species nalang me.....:)