Saturday, January 12, 2008


The Action Plan of the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators Foundation Inc. (PSITE) – Region XI Chapter for SY 2007-2008 entails that Information Technology Educators will conduct benchmarking activity on the Information Technology Education Program of other countries. Benchmarking opens individuals to new methods, ideas and tools to improve their effectiveness. It helps crack through resistance to change by demonstrating other methods of solving problems than the one currently employed, and demonstrating that they work, because they are being used by others.

As such, faculty members and administrators at the same time active members of PSITE-Region XI is planning to have a study tour to at least four (4) universities with ITE programs and have state of the art research and development program related to information technology in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. The said activity is tentatively scheduled on February 23-27, 2008.