Saturday, December 1, 2007


TO OUR DEAR SPONSORS/SCHOOLS :MSITE'07 INGRESS(dec. 06, 2007, 6pm-EGRESS-immediately after the event)

1.All exhibits goods, personal and other office
properties, construction materials and other
items brought inside the exhibition center
premises must be presented to the guard on
duty at the RDU for inspection together with
a signed pass slip upon entry.
2.Wearing of slippers, sleeveless shirts and
short pants shall not be allowed entry into
the exhibition center.
3.All exhibitors are requested to provide net,
string, or cloth to safeguard respective
4.There should be no obstruction created in
common areas during ingress and throughout
the course of the exhibit.
5.Exhibitors or their personnel shall not use
entries, passages, mall hallways and corridors
of the building for any other purpose other
than ingress or egress.
6.Upon egress, a signed pass slip shall be filled
up for withdrawal of goods and items from the
exhibition center, the same items shall be
presented to the guard on duty.
7.Upon egress, the exhibit are should be in the
same order and condition as it was prior to
the lease/ingress. Non-compliance would mean
a penalty on the organizer.
8.All exhibitors must bring their goods during the
scheduled dates of egress. Beyond the allotted
time, the organizers will remove all goods left
behind without liability for damage or loss.
All goods or items left behind the exhibition
center or storage area shall be considered
considered ABANDONED, unless advised in
writing by the organizer/exhibitor concerned and
approved by the management, in which case,
storage fees shall be charged. ABANDONED goods
shall become the property of the NCCC Mall Davao
9.Organizer shall be held liable for actions done
by its contractors, exhibitors and suppliers.
10.Damages incurred by delivery crew/supplier/
contractor will be charged to the organizer and
the organizer may charge the exhibitor
11.All exhibitors are required wear respective
company ID’s at all times when inside the
exhibition centre.
1.Delivery and pull-out of items shall be done at
the Receiving and Dispatching (RDU) Entrance 3,
Surico side of NCCC Mall Davao, after Jolibbee
2.Exhibitors shall secure a Pass Slip from the Mall
Administration Office at least 1 week (7days)
prior to the delivery for any materials and
supplies needed for the exhibit. Two copies of
pass slip shall be distributed as follows;
original copy to be left with the Mall
administration office; yellow copy will serve as
organizer’s /exhibitors copy to be presented and
claimed by the security guard on duty upon
ingress and egress. In cases where space on
Pass slip will not be enough, organizers/
exhibitors are advised to attach two signed
copies of items/personnel list together with
the form.
3.Unloading of merchandize, stocks or supplies
must be supervised by a representative of the
organizer/exhibitor. The mall/security guard
assigned at the RDU will not be held liable for
any loss or damage items.
4.Freight elevators should be used for
transporting large merchandise,stocks and
5.Deliveries that could contain stain and mess the
hallways are not allowed. Ice and wet deliveries
must be placed in a tightly sealed container to
avoid drippings.
6.Delivery cart must be provide by the organizer/
exhibitor and must have rubber rollers/wheels.
Items are not allowed to be dragged.
For more information, contact:

NCCC Events Assistant
Tel No. (082) 298-0888 local 220