Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Case Study 1

Google is a highly successful Internet business. Recently they have broadened their scope with a multitude of new tools. Research Google’s business model and answer the following questions below. You may add additional information not included in these questions.

Instruction :
    1. Answer the following questions found below,
minimum of 350 words per question.
2. Visit my blog -> and
post your answer using the Thread on or
before January 01, 2008.
3. Submit your hardcopy during our first
meeting next year (2008). Use the attach
template for your answers.
4. Check your MBOX from time to time… new
case(s) study might be uploaded
Explain Google’s business model.

    1. Who are their competitors?
2. How have they used information technology
to their advantage?
3. How competitive are they in the market?
4. What new services do they offer?
5. What makes them so unique?
6. How competitive are they in the
international market?