Seoul Accord Annual General Meeting

The Seoul Accord’s Annual General Meeting (SAGM2016) was held last June 3-5, 2016 at the Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Read more

PSITE National Board (AY 2016-17)

Due to the recent developments with the PSITE National Board, the board met and reconvened in Manila on 15-March-2016 and held another election. Congratulations to the new set of officers listed below, they will bring PSITE into even greater heights! Soar high, PSITE! Mabuhay!!! Read more

Thailand Educational Benchmarking

Last May 23-28, 2015, I joined the Benchmarking Educational Tour of the PSITE National Board in Bangkok, Thailand. Read more

(ACTIS 2014, Japan) Asian Conference on Technology, Information and Socity

Last November 20-23, 2014, I attended and presented a paper entitled “Best Practices and Challenges of Information Technology Education in the Philippines. Read more

SEOUL ACCORD General Membership Meeting

The Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK) invited me to attend the Seoul Accord General Meeting (SAGM2013(Seoul)), Millennium Seoul Hiiton, Seoul, Korea last June 21 to 23, 2013. Read more

Indonesia Educational Benchmarking

Last May 18-25, 2014, I joined the Benchmarking Educational Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia. Read more


Philippine Information and Computing Accreditation Board -- MOA signing Read more

2013 NESRC

Pix taken during the 2013 National Engineering and Science Research Conference (2013 NESRC) held at the Heritage Hotel, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City last March 7, 2013 Read more


PSITE NatCon 2013 Opening Remarks; Read more


A team of four students from the Institute of Computing of the University of Southeastern Philippines clinched the Ideaspace Award and a PhP 100,000 cash prize; Read more

Hongkong Benchmarking Educational Tour

I joined the PSITE National Board Hongkong Benchmarking Educational Tour last January 03-06, 2013; Read more

eGOV Awards 2012

From a shortlist recommended by DOST-ICTO, i was invited to be one of the judges of the eGOV awards final judging last November 8, 2012 at Oxford Hotel, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga; Read more

10th National Conference on Information Technology Education

Delivered by Dr. Randy S. Gamboa, PSITE President, during the NCITE 2012 October 19, 2012 in Laoag City; Read more

Top 10 Finalists for the 9th SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards!

Two entries from the Institute of Computing had been shortlisted as top 10 finalists for the 9th SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards!; Read more

10th Philippine Youth Congress on Information Technology(Y4IT)

The Philippine Youth Congress on Information Technology or "Y4iT" (Youth for IT) is an annual event hosted by UP ITTC and UP SITF in cooperation with the UP ITTC Student Volunteer Corps, JICA, PSITE, CSP, PCS, PSIA, GDAP, EITSC, HSF, and Cyberpress. … Read more

Board Meeting

pix taken during the national board meeting last August 17-19, 2012 at Club Balai Isabel, Barangay Banga, Talisay Batangas.; Read more

Certificate of Recognition: Best Paper

The University of Southeastern Philippines held its 25th University Wide In-House Review; Read more

IBM Web Application Development Training

The Institute of Computing through its extension office with IBM and the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators-Region X1 … Read more


Konnichiwa , On behalf of the participants both from the Philippines and from other countries, I would like to thank the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship or ….Read more

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Case Study 1

Google is a highly successful Internet business. Recently they have broadened their scope with a multitude of new tools. Research Google’s business model and answer the following questions below. You may add additional information not included in these questions.

Instruction :
    1. Answer the following questions found below,
minimum of 350 words per question.
2. Visit my blog -> and
post your answer using the Thread on or
before January 01, 2008.
3. Submit your hardcopy during our first
meeting next year (2008). Use the attach
template for your answers.
4. Check your MBOX from time to time… new
case(s) study might be uploaded
Explain Google’s business model.

    1. Who are their competitors?
2. How have they used information technology
to their advantage?
3. How competitive are they in the market?
4. What new services do they offer?
5. What makes them so unique?
6. How competitive are they in the
international market?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mindanao-Wide ITE Programming-Team Standing

email from: Edwin M.

Find below a summary of the programming competition last Saturday, December 8, 2007, as generated by PC^2, the online system used in the ACM-based competition. I also attached the HTML file just in case it does not appear legibly in this email.

Most of the team names can be associated with the schools except for a few, namely: Three All and Two One are from ADDU, Alibangbang Decepticons and Sitsiritsit Autobots are from UIC. I could not recall what schools Dark Angel, Remix Drama, and Terran represent but the three schools not in the summary are Brokenshire College, Jose Maria College, and Saint Mary's College-Tagum. I presume that these teams belong to these schools.

Rank Name Solved Time A B C D E F Total att/solv

1 Three All 5 638 0/-- 1/30 1/96 1/136 1/212 1/164 5/5
2 Alibangbang Decepticons 3 313 0/-- 1/35 1/183 1/95 0/-- 2/-- 5/3
3 UPMin Team 1 3 457 0/-- 1/28 0/-- 0/-- 4/189 1/180 6/3
4 NDMU Team 3 475 0/-- 1/151 1/109 1/215 0/-- 0/-- 3/3
5 Two One 2 248 0/-- 1/58 6/-- 1/190 0/-- 0/-- 8/2
6 Sitsiritsit Autobots 2 266 0/-- 1/72 0/-- 3/154 4/-- 0/-- 8/2
7 DCSP1 1 100 0/-- 1/100 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 1/1
8 UPMin Team 2 1 123 0/-- 1/123 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 1/1
9 USEP Team 2 1 159 0/-- 1/159 1/-- 1/-- 0/-- 0/-- 3/1
10 USEP Team 1 1 184 0/-- 1/184 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 1/1
11 NDKC Team 1 1 231 0/-- 1/231 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 1/1
12 CdK 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 Corjesu 0 0 0/-- 1/-- 1/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 2/0
12 Dark Angel 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 DCSP2 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 DDC-CS 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 DNSC Team 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 DOSCST Team 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 Holy Child Team 1 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 Holy Child Team 2 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 ICC Team 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 NDKC Team 2 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 Remix Drama 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 STI-Davao Team 1 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 STI-Davao Team 2 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 team23 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 Terran 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 UM Davao 1 0 0 0/-- 3/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 3/0
12 UM Davao 2 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0
12 UMTC 0 0 0/-- 1/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 1/0
12 USM 0 0 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/-- 0/0

Submitted/1st Yes/Total Yes 0/--/0 16/28/11 11/96/3 8/95/5 9/189/2 4/164/2 48/23

Just in case some of you are still confused about the total time reflected in the summary table, here is the explanation:

The total time is the accumulated time of all submitted problems with correct answers from the start of the contest. Upon the submission of a solved problem, the system timestamps it with the elapsed time (in minutes) from the start of the contest. There is a penalty of 20 minutes per wrong attempt of a problem that was eventually solved. For example, if there were four attempts registered by the system to a particular problem when the answer was finally judged as correct, the penalty is 60 minutes (20 minutes x 3 wrong attempts). The total penalty is added to the accumulated time of all problems with correct answers. The penalty is not added if the team fails to solve the problem correctly in several attempts.

Of course, the first criterion for ranking the teams is the number of problems correctly solved. The more problems correctly solved, the higher the rank (obviously). The accumulated time is used when there is a tie in the number of problems correctly solved. The team with less accumulated time ranks higher.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mindanao-Wide ITE Programming Competition Results

Thirty (30) teams competed in the Mindanao-Wide IT Olympiad Programming Competition held last December 8, 2007 at the Ateneo de Davao University Jacinto Campus, Davao City. The event was jointly organized by the Council of Deans for IT Education in Region XI (CDITE-XI) and the Philippine Society of IT Educators-Region XI (PSITE-XI) with the support of the Commission on Higher Education-Region XI (CHED-XI). The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) format was followed during the competition.

Six (6) problems were given to the teams to be solved in four (4) hours. The school ranking below is based on the output of the school's best performing team.

      1st - Ateneo de Davao University

2nd - University of the Immaculate Conception

3rd - University of the Philippines in


4th - Notre Dame of Marbel University

5th - DMMA College of Southern Philipines

6th - University of Southeastern Philippines

7th - Notre Dame of Kidapawan College

SPECIAL MENTION (in alphabetical order)
      Brokenshire College

Colegio de Kidapawan

Cor Jesu College-Digos

Davao Doctors College

Davao del Norte State College

Davao Oriental State College for Science

and Technology

Holy Child School of Davao

Interface Computer College

Jose Maria College

Saint Mary's College-Tagum

STI Davao College

University of Mindanao-Main

University of Mindanao Tagum College

University of Southern Mindanao-Kabacan

Congratulations to the winners!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Public Forum on the ITE Practicum Manual

Public Forum on the ITE Practicum Manual
Attended by IT Educators from Mindanao
December 07, 2007, , Conference Room, 2nd Flr, NCCC Mall Davao

Resource Person:
Dr. Maricar R. Casquejo
CHED-ROXI Education Supervisor II

A Reference Guide for ITE Schools, Practicum Coordinators of the Schools,
Host Establishments, Practicum Supervisors of the Host Establishments
and Student Trainees : Effective AY 2008-2009

Initiated by CHED RO XI
Funded by PSITE-XI and CDITE-XI

MSITE'07 pix


CHED-ROXI supervisor II-Dr. Casquejo
City Councilor - Hon. Tessie Mata Maranon
Vic Calag
Edwin Maranaon
Wit Holganza

List of Participating Schools
    ACES Tagum
AMA Computer College- Davao
Andres Soriano College
Ateneo de Davao University
Cotabato Foundation College of Science and
Colegio de Kidapawan
Cor Jesu College
Davao Doctors College
Davao del Norte State College
Davao Oriental State College of Science
and Technology
DMMA-College of Southern Philippines
Holy Child School of Davao
Jose Maria College
Interface College of Davao
Mindanao State University – Maguindanao Campus
Notre Dame of Kidapawan College
Notre Dame of Marbel University
Notre Dame of Midsayap College
Philippine College of Technology
Read Data Access Computer College
Shepherd My Lambs Christian Academy
South Philippines Adventist College
STI – Davao
STI - Digos
University of the Immaculate Conception
University of Mindanao – Main Campus
University of Mindanao – Tagum Campus
University of the Philippines-Mindanao Campus
University of Southeastern Philippines
University of Southern Mindanao

Friday, December 7, 2007

Mindanao-Wide ITE Quiz Bowl Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Mindanao Wide Information Technology Quiz Bowl during the Mindanao IT Olympiad held at the NCCC Mall, Activity Center, Mc Arthur Highway, Davao City on December 6, 2007.

The winners are as follows:
      1st  -  University of Immaculate Conception,

2nd - University of the Philippines –

Mindanao Campus

3rd - Holy Child School of Davao

The contest was participated by 22 schools.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


TO OUR DEAR SPONSORS/SCHOOLS :MSITE'07 INGRESS(dec. 06, 2007, 6pm-EGRESS-immediately after the event)
1.All exhibits goods, personal and other office
properties, construction materials and other
items brought inside the exhibition center
premises must be presented to the guard on
duty at the RDU for inspection together with
a signed pass slip upon entry.
2.Wearing of slippers, sleeveless shirts and
short pants shall not be allowed entry into
the exhibition center.
3.All exhibitors are requested to provide net,
string, or cloth to safeguard respective
4.There should be no obstruction created in
common areas during ingress and throughout
the course of the exhibit.
5.Exhibitors or their personnel shall not use
entries, passages, mall hallways and corridors
of the building for any other purpose other
than ingress or egress.
6.Upon egress, a signed pass slip shall be filled
up for withdrawal of goods and items from the
exhibition center, the same items shall be
presented to the guard on duty.
7.Upon egress, the exhibit are should be in the
same order and condition as it was prior to
the lease/ingress. Non-compliance would mean
a penalty on the organizer.
8.All exhibitors must bring their goods during the
scheduled dates of egress. Beyond the allotted
time, the organizers will remove all goods left
behind without liability for damage or loss.
All goods or items left behind the exhibition
center or storage area shall be considered
considered ABANDONED, unless advised in
writing by the organizer/exhibitor concerned and
approved by the management, in which case,
storage fees shall be charged. ABANDONED goods
shall become the property of the NCCC Mall Davao
9.Organizer shall be held liable for actions done
by its contractors, exhibitors and suppliers.
10.Damages incurred by delivery crew/supplier/
contractor will be charged to the organizer and
the organizer may charge the exhibitor
11.All exhibitors are required wear respective
company ID’s at all times when inside the
exhibition centre.
1.Delivery and pull-out of items shall be done at
the Receiving and Dispatching (RDU) Entrance 3,
Surico side of NCCC Mall Davao, after Jolibbee
2.Exhibitors shall secure a Pass Slip from the Mall
Administration Office at least 1 week (7days)
prior to the delivery for any materials and
supplies needed for the exhibit. Two copies of
pass slip shall be distributed as follows;
original copy to be left with the Mall
administration office; yellow copy will serve as
organizer’s /exhibitors copy to be presented and
claimed by the security guard on duty upon
ingress and egress. In cases where space on
Pass slip will not be enough, organizers/
exhibitors are advised to attach two signed
copies of items/personnel list together with
the form.
3.Unloading of merchandize, stocks or supplies
must be supervised by a representative of the
organizer/exhibitor. The mall/security guard
assigned at the RDU will not be held liable for
any loss or damage items.
4.Freight elevators should be used for
transporting large merchandise,stocks and
5.Deliveries that could contain stain and mess the
hallways are not allowed. Ice and wet deliveries
must be placed in a tightly sealed container to
avoid drippings.
6.Delivery cart must be provide by the organizer/
exhibitor and must have rubber rollers/wheels.
Items are not allowed to be dragged.
For more information, contact:

NCCC Events Assistant
Tel No. (082) 298-0888 local 220