Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PSITE Minutes

Minutes of the PSITE X1 MEETING
University of the Immaculate Concepcion
September 7, 2007

I. Call To Order. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.
II. Approval of the Agenda. The following agenda were approved:
A. JEDI Updates
B. MCITE '07 Updates
C. Revisit PSITEXI and CDITEXI Plans
D. Other Matters

III. Discussion of the Agenda

A. On JEDI Updates.

Dr. Gamboa reported that the JEDI I training last August 29, 2007 held at the University of Southeastern Philippines was a success and attended by 25 participants from different schools. He presented the expenses incurred during the said activity which amounts to P2995.10.

B. On MCITE '07 Updates.

Dr Gamboa suggested to the body that the theme for the incoming MCITE '07 be “Gearing Up Towards a Sustainable IT Culture in Mindanao”. The agreed venue for the event is at the Ateneo de Davao University, Finster Building F213 on September 20 and 21, 2007. Dr Gamboa presented to the body the schedule of activities as well as the presentors for the 2day conference. The following will deliver oral paper presentations to the MCITE '07: Michelle Banawan, Desiderio Agap, Jerry Flores, Mylene Sereno,Bren Chua, Paul Domag, Diuyan, Holden Hao, Hilarion Gabud, Antoinette Marcelo, Jose Trillo II, Danilo Galarion, Vicente Calag, Jaime Caro, John Ruero and Rolly Tayabasx.

Sponsors for the event will be PLDT, Globe, 3M and Microsoft. Globe intends to be a Silver type of sponsor while 3M will give P5,000 in cash and some 3M products as freebies. Microsoft would be giving P30,000 for event expenses as long as they will be given a one wholeday sponsor presentation. Dr. Gamboa initially declined the offer as oneday is too long considering that the event is just 2 days. The body proposed to extend MCITE '07 as a 3day event to accommodate the request of Microsoft. After a length deliberation, the body decided that the MCITE '07 closing ceremonies be done earlier on the second day (at about 3pn) and have Microsoft deliver their product presentation afterwards. The body also suggested that Microsoft provide dinner for the participants since the extension is technically not a part of MCITE '07 anymore.

The body were able to approximately identify 86 participants as of the meeting. In order to break even with the expenses for the event, MCITE '07 must be able to reach 100 paying participants. The insufficiency of the number of confirmed participants may be due to some schools not receiving the invitation yet or have overlooked their emails. Dr Casquejo suggested that these invitations be sent thru fax and not just thru emails so that the invitation will formally pass thru channels in their respective schools. The body identified several schools who have not responded to the email invitation. These schools are the following: Davao Doctors College, DNSC, SPAMAS, SMC, CCSA, Estela College, SPC, PCT, STI, Interface, Holy Cross, DOSCST, Assumption School of Davao, Intercity and Aces. Prof Gamot was tasked to send the invitations to these schools thru fax. Dr Casquejo will follow up on these schools in support to the fax that will be sent.

The assigned Officer for the day on Sept 20 and 21 are Ms Mamilic and Ms Ordoyo, respectively. Mr .Flores was tasked to take care of the Tshirt design which will be included in the conference kit as well as the tarpaulin for the event. Prof Gamot will act as the Secretariat for the event as well as the certificate preparation for all the participants. Ms Ordoyo was tasked to prepare the stage backdrop for the event. As suggested by the body, the backdrop must include the logos of CHED, MCITE, PSITE and the theme of the event as well as the time, day and venue. Mr Barrios was tasked to document the 2day event while Mr. Maranon will take care of the event's press release.

Prof Calag suggested to the body that there must be an acknowledgement certificate given to the working committee of MCITE '07. Dr Gamboa and the rest of the body agreed with the suggestion. Dr. Gamboa tasked Prof Calag to prepare the certificates to be given to the working committee.

The body suggested that the amount allocated for the speaker's token be cut down to a lower value to minimize the total expense for the event. The body agreed, in addition to the certificate of appreciation which must be put in a frame, that personalized mugs @ P100/speaker be given to the speakers.

C. Revisit PSITEXI and CDITEXI Plans.

JEDI II will be conducted on October 29, 30 and 31, 2007. Details for the event is yet to be announced.

D. Other Matters.

1.  On Foss Day. Software Freedom Day will be on
September 15, 2007,10am. All schools are
encouraged to send 15 students per school to
this event. For details about the event, the
following website may be visited:
2. On MICT BIMP EAGA. The event will be on
October 23 and 24,2007 at the NCCC Mall.
3. On PSITEXI's schedule for next meeting. The
next PSITE – XI meeting will be on September
13, 2007, 6pm tentatively to be housed at UP
Mindanao, Anda Campus.
4. On Preparation of Conference Kits. PSITE XI
core will prepare the conference kits on
September 19, 2007, 3pm @ the Ateneo de Davao
University, Jacinto Campus.

IV. Adjournment.

There being no other matters to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

Prepared by:                 Noted by:

Prof. Ritchie Mae T. Gamot Dr. Randy S. Gamboa
PSITE – XI Secretary PSITE – XI President