Tuesday, July 10, 2007


July 09, 2007

Dear :

Greetings !

WELCOME to Jedi Community!

We wish to invite you and your faculty members to attend the JEDI Phase I Training on August 29-31, 2007 at the Institute of Computing laboratory room, Engineering bldg., University of Southeastern Philippines, Bo. Obrero Campus,

Please be reminded that you need to bring with you printed copies of the JEDI Phase I course materials. You can download these files at :


As a requirement, please go to http://www.java.net/ and http://developers.sun.com/ and get your ID's. Please email me your ID's on these sites so we can add you to the JEDI Community.

We are providing this training as a supplementary activity to help teachers deliver the JEDI course effectively. In fact, the training is divided into two parts: Technical and Delivery. The technical part will discuss the concepts related to java and object-oriented programming in general. The delivery part focuses more on techniques in teaching the courses.

A registration fee of Php500.00 per participant will be collected to defray the expenses for food (lunch only) and certificates.

Should you have any questions or clarifications, do not hesitate to email me at jedi@sun.com.ph.


Hazel Marie Cainglet
JEDI Marketing Coordinator
Sun Microsystems, Phils. Inc.
Mobile: 921-6521435
Tel: 885-7867
Fax: 885-7866
email: jedi@sun.com.ph