Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Joyjoy's Biology Poem

B- Been there, done that
That is what they usually say
Always here, always there
No matter where, we’ll find it in any way.
I- In this world so big and green
Everywhere we look there is always this special thing
What is this you ask?
This is life, animals, plants, and human being.
O- Observe the trees, birds, and the life around it
Isn’t it astonishing?
Notice the people around you, the crowds you pass by
Don’t you think each has its own special thing?
L- Listen to the birds chirping
They all sound so sweet
Hear the people sing so well
Doesn’t it make our life complete?
O- Odd as we think it is
The deeper we go, the harder it gets
Tough as we think it is,
Working for mother earth, you’ll have no regrets.
G- Growing children as we are,
We must know, what we must do
Young as we are, we must’ve already knew
That polluting we’ve done are not a few.
Y- Year after year, we study science
But nothing compares to biology
The study of life cannot be replaced
Not astronomy, astrology, nor chemistry.

Rachelle Joy N. Gamboa 2-Opal


i like your poem about biology. hi ate joy!