Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Dear IT Educators

Greetings from the Philippine Society of I.T. Educators Foundation, Inc.(PSITE)!

We cordially invite you to attend the National Conference on Information Technology Education (NCITE 2006). It will be held on October 23-24, 2006 at Ateneo de Davao University, Davao City in cooperation with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) through the Technical Panel for I.T. Education (TPITE).

The main trust for NCITE 2006 is to provide venue for remarkable I.T. educators to present many possibilities of I.T. on various avenues. It also aims to promote intersection of ideas and knowledge for personal learning and growth.
NCITE 2006 provides a unique forum for Education, Government and Business professionals to discuss the latest research, development, applications, issues, and strategies, to explore new technologies, and to identify solutions for today’s challenges related to I.T.

Various research papers will be presented to enable participants to learn and collaborate with expert faculty and peers on development, learning experiences, design and implementation needed to improve I.T. research.

With 300+ participants from 150+ different higher education institutions at this conference, NCITE has become one of the leading and largest national conferences and gathering of I.T. educators.

Should you have some queries, please contact the undersigned (0917-8047121) or Mr. Randy Gamboa (0917-7197238) for further details.

We are certain that you will find your involvement in this year's event very meaningful. We look forward to your support.

Very truly yours,

PSITE National President SY 2006-2007