Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My JoyJoy

My name is Rachelle Joy Gamboa. I was born on November 13, 1993. When I was young, I was a bit chubby. I also had very thin hair (until now). Toys were one of my favorites. They were like my mini friends.

Now, I am almost a teenager. I hang-out with my friends and sometimes hang-out at the mall. I am maturing very slowly but I know I’ll get there. Toys aren’t my priority right now because I am focusing more on m studies.

In the future, I would like to do a lot of things. Fist of all, I would like to be lawyer. I picked being a lawyer because I am good at debating and in court. Next, I want to be a Fashion Designer. As a fashion designer you get to be one of the trend- setters and also, I make very nice designs according to my mood.

It’s amazing how time flies. Knowing that we still have to occur a lot of changes in life. Not only physically but also emotionally. Nothing is impossible.