Wednesday, August 24, 2005


A brief history of the MIS

It’s been a common adage that life is indeed all memories ... except for the present moment that goes quickly before one could even notice it going ... and since life is complex by itself, the past will always serve as the wisdom of the present which is a continuation of the future. Keeping all memories in the past difficult and even an impossible thing to do, but understanding the present and forecasting the future require us to look back at our simple but significant beginning.

This is our story ...

In 1989, Computer Engineering was born in UIC. Engr. Randy S. Gamboa was tapped to handle the software aspect of computer integration in the University. During that time, they had few computers which were not utilized to the maximum. Their entry to the world of software development was all started in the Payroll System which Engr. Melvin Erickson Pidor (now a MIS Manager of a certain firm in GenSan) and Engr. Randy S. Gamboa had initially developed. The initial development led them to produce programs to improve the systems of the University and to complement the Computer Engineering Program. However, this was not realized during that time because it was not the priority of the administration.

In 1992, Engr. Rolando Baes, a faculty member and Engr. Randy S. Gamboa were sent to Manila for training with Eduvision 2000 to explore a possible tie-up with them. The one-month training came out to be below the expected output.

When Sr. Jackie de Belen assumed office as President in June 1992, Engr. Gamboa and Engr. Baes presented their travel report and recommendations regarding the support of management to the planned software development. She approved and gave her commitment to support them.

From then on, the five-member Systems Development Group (SDG) was formed and recognized. Several projects were immediately lined up. One of these is the development of the Enrollment System which was being implemented after one semester.

It took nine months for the SDG to convince the administration to establish a Computer Center. Convincing them was not that easy.

Finally, on April of 1993, the Board of Trustees approve the proposed computer center and networking. The establishment of the UIC-Computer Center which is a support department to all departments and sectors of the University as far as computer systems and training, productivity improvement and work simplification was realized. It took two months to make the network system operational.

Soon, the development of other systems followed. Among these were the systems on cashiering, monitoring of student fees, daily time record, library or card cataloging, Teachers Behavioral Inventory (TBI) and 201 Filing. In-house training on lotus, WordPerfect and computer operations were also conducted.

Since then, the Center has become an income generating department. They started to develop computer systems for other clients outside of UIC and host seminars/trainings for the public at reasonable rates.

During the first quarter of 1996, FAPENET presented a proposal on the installation of Internet. Considering the advantages that the Internet System could provide, UIC became the secondary node and an Internet Service provider linked with the FAPENET. It began accepting several number of dial-up clients.

It was in April 1997 that ComCen has conducted an Organizational Planning Seminar at Talomo, Davao City. It was then when they had come out with detailed functions, guidelines, policies, etc. of their office. It was also then when they have defined their organizational chart in which tasks and services were grouped in different sections; namely, Internet , Training, Systems Development and Hardware Sections respectively.

In January 1998, UIC became a recipient of CHED's Computerization Program making them the nodal institution in Region XI. With the funding, the Computer Center has established its own Training Center equipped with 10 sets of computer units and other training materials. CHED is the second institution which established a linkage with UIC, the first was DOST - XI which made us their partner in conducting training on multimedia applications. Its office now occupies a bigger area due to expansion and conducted computer training within the University and to the different sectors of the community.

Those long hard years of toil and preparation have ushered the Computer Center Staff into a new era of significance. They must go on.

Another episode has come, a new breed sprouted, another door has been opened for the light to show and affirm its essence when in May 1998, the idea of merging the Computer Center and the office of the VP-Research and Planning was proposed and then approved by the Board of Trustees. A new department was born through the merger of the two remarkable offices. Thus, the birth of the Management Information System (MIS) Department in this University came about. This office is presently composed of 12 technical staff spear-headed by Engr. Randy S. Gamboa. It is now involved in institutional research and information technology resources of UIC.

Whatever things await the staff and the Management Information System Department if this University today and the coming days and years are still unknown. Those things will again be another story to tell.

One thing is only sure as of the moment .... “Their dedication is consistent to the needs they service and their commitment is well-defined.”